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How To Clean Your Wheel Bearings Properly

Release time : 2015-06-10 12:15:49    
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>How To Clean Your Wheel Bearings Properly? ?2004-2012 After a certain period of time due to the axle often in continuous operation and high temperature environment, so there will be deterioration of pollution, and loss of lubrication performance, film and other sediment generation, operation difficulties noise fault.Internal sediment is not cleared regularly, can easily cause damage to the wheel, leading to high maintenance costs and delay valuable time.To avoid such phenomena, we should clean regularly wheel bearings, and replace it with a new lubricant. Cleaning wheel bearings step one: rotary kiln with paint or varnish removers clear the surface of the supporting Needle Roller Bearings antirust paint, and then wash oil cleaning wipe. Cleaning wheel bearings step two: bamboo or wood with anti-rust oil riding wheel axle hang up, and then wash oil cleaning wipe. Cleaning wheel bearings step three :cleaning the supporting apparatus 1) disintegration of the support means, the support means due to the same specification of the same kiln at least four, more gains up to a dozen more parts constituting the support means, and the same specification, the shape of the part a lot. To avoid confusion, the demolition to do number necessary land marked group marked. 2) disintegration of parts cleaning brush, foam or cotton. Application of white cloth to wipe the housing after cleaning, conditions permitting, the flour can be modulated to gluten, then gluten sticky net housing. 3) cleaning Water Pump Bearings , should check the the housing paint is peeling off, if any, should be given to the complement paint brush. Cleaning wheel bearings step four: rotary kiln and wheel with section cylinder pad first addition to the paint remover wheel anti-rust paint on the inside and outside surfaces and round with a section of the cylinder pad removed, and then wash oil cleaning, then wipe. Cleaning wheel bearings step five: cleaning large and small gear to use bamboo, wood chips, anti-rust oil on the pinion scrape (such as coating the antirust paint can be used to remove paint or varnish removers), then use the wash oil cleaning with a cotton wipe. Cleaning wheel bearings step six: The transmission apparatus (1) cleaning with a wash oil, cotton cleaning tank. (2) After the wipe, check the inner wall of paint without loss, if any, is shedding should give up painting. (3) rotary kiln cleaning block round with a broom, cotton yarn block round the outer surface of the soil, dust cleared, then the disintegration of the block round. (4 ) wash oil disintegration of parts to carefully cleaning wipe. 3) After cleaning the Stainless Steel Bearings assembly in accordance with the requirements of adding hydraulic oil. (5) each bearing after cleaning to add the proper amount of grease, freely assembled piston action to stop wheel rotation to be flexible. Periodically clean the wheel bearings, can greatly extend the life of the wheel great extent, reduce maintenance costs, you have to try it.