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How To Choose High Speed And Long Life Bearing Substitute Of Fafnir Bearings Catalog

Release time : 2015-06-10 13:11:41
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>How to Choose High Speed and Long Life Bearing Substitute of Fafnir Bearings Catalog ?2004-2012 FAFNIR bearings catalog are renowned for their high quality and distinctive style. Now a part of the Timken bearings group, FAFNIR has enjoyed a colorful history beginning with a cluster of companies - FAFNIR USA, FBC, Killian and IRB. These companies came together to form Torrington FAFNIR and began manufacturing a range of quality bearings that gained a reputation across the globe. A brief introduction about bearing long life elements; the load-life characteristics of a ball bearing may be defined as its ability to carry certain loads at certain speed for a duration of time. Or, load-life may be expressed in terms of pounds-revolutions. It is a measure of the inherent usefulness, just as a power plant may be judged by the number of horsepower hours which it delivers before failure. For fatigue resistance, ball bearing steel must be of correct chemical composition and proper metallurgical structure which also strictly sticked by FAFNIR ball bearings catalog. It must be as free from nonmetallic inclusions as possible and there must be proper dispersion of its constituents. Whatever rating basis a bearing manufacturer selects must take into account various factors, such as the number of balls, their size, race curvatures, and other design features. Any calculated capacity should be automatically adjusted by the introduction of the speed factor, so that regardless of the speed at which the bearing such as Stainless Steel Bearings is operated, a reasonably uniform average life will be obtained from all sizes of bearings operating at any speed. Ball bearings operate very satisfactorily at speeds beyond the range of satisfactory experience with plain bearings, and are today operating up to 50,000 revolutions per minute. Speed as high as 10,000 and 15,000 RPM is common. With high speeds bearings extra precision is generally desirable, and the Non-Filling Slot Type, having a completely symmetrical inner ring, offers more as regards perfect balance than the Maximum Type. It is best with very high speed conditions to design the simplest bearing assembly possible using the Single Row Types; and the more complicated types, such as Double Row, Grease-Shield, and Felt-Seal Bearings, should not be used except when no other solution of the problem is possible. Furthermore, since the Extra-Precision Bearings meet high speed requirements better than the standard tolerance bearings, they should be used at the higher speeds. While Fafnir earned a reputation over the years as a high-quality manufacturer of precision ball bearing products such as Deep Groove Ball Bearings, nowadays, our engineers and designers find it easy to interchange Fafnir model numbers with a wide range of other high-quality, yet less expensive, alternatives. Contact us to find out which high-quality alternatives products interchange with Fafnir bearings catalog.