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How To Buy Cheap Skateboard Wheels And Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-10 11:49:07
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>How to buy cheap skateboard wheels and bearings? ?2004-2012 SKATEBOARD, is now one of the most popular extreme sports. lthough it does not popular in china, but its existence has more than 50 years. But why skateboard how to attract young people? In addition to each skateboard has a very cool design beyond, I think it's speed and technology is they want to challenge. The last century 50's, the first piece of skateboard was born in southern California. In the '60 s, skateboard begins to be a large number of production, and caused an upsurge onceagain. But the wheel is made of metal so taxi is not smooth. Later, due to cheap skateboard wheels and bearings appearance, make skateboarding is more popular. Until today, skateboard player has formed his skateboard culture, language, and the movement style and music. All of these are teenagers want. As young people to skateboarding dedicated, manufacturer is constantly developing new slide in order to achieve people are constantly changing requirements. Skateboarding development also slowly drive the wheels and bearing of the market. Skateboard looks like just a simple board, but the change of action and skills have to depend on the quality of spare parts, such as wheels and bearing quality. High Speed Bearings can glide smoothly. Stainless steel bearing can prevent rust. Ceramic Bearings can let skateboard to limit state, etc. But high demand led to high cost. Now the young people have to spend more and more money to buy high performance skateboard and accessories. So how to buy high quality and cheap skateboard wheels and bearings? T The following advice worth everybody mentioning. Each skateboard need eight bearing. Bearing have different precision, life, noise. Novice choose bearing can be according to the accuracy grade. General bearing has ABEC identification, from ABEC - 1 (the most inaccurate) to ABEC - 9 (the most precise).High precision bearing size deviation small. So choose bearing to pay special attention to accuracy. Bearing can be made by different material in order to achieve different purposes and effect. Chrome steel is the most commonly be used. With the requirements's change, more and more people choose Stainless Steel Bearings, hybrid ceramic bearing, and even more expensive full ceramic bearing. High performance always means high price. Please don't want to buy high-performance products with low price, it is fantasy, please abandon it.