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How Much Do You Know About Flanged Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:26:55
Flanged bearing is also called flanged plate, whose name is derived from English word ''flange''. There are many flange bearing applications, such as robots, medical devices saving people lives, office equipment and cash-counting machine convenient for work and reader often used to download and transfer. So what are the characteristics of flanged bearings? Let's review these characteristics. With the continuous advance of manufacturing process, it is easy for flanged bearings to axially position. The use of small diameter steel ball and hollow shaft make the flanged bearing have the characteristics of low friction, high rotary precision, low vibration, easy to install and low noise, so it is one of the indispensable parts of environmental protection life and production. Flanged bearing lifespan is our common concern. The correct use and maintenance of the bearing is also necessary measure to extend flanged bearing service life. Lily Bearing (LB) produces all kinds of flanged bearings, including metric, inch and stainless steel and so on. There are more than 180 kinds and the inner diameter is from 1 to 12mm. The characteristic of flanged bearing is outer ring having flange, which can simplify host structure and lessen host size and make it easy to position. Flanged bearing can withstand radial (mainly) and axial load. The following are several measures to extend flanged bearing service life: Under strong impact, bearing will have scars, even crack, please pay attention to it; Keep clean bearing and its surroundings, sometimes the dust cannot be seen by eyes, but can corrode bearing, so we must clean and maintain periodically; Corrosion problems often occur, so we should avoid touching bearings by hands; Bearings shouldn't be assembled tightly to avoid compact. The clearance should be appropriate, otherwise the temperature of bearings will rise; Fuel and lubricant oil should conform to provision. Under proper using condition, we should improve lubricant quality, control oil pressure, temperature and flow rate and strengthen oil filtration. Once flanged bearings damaged, we should strictly detect to judge whether they can be repaired. We should comprehensively clean and then strictly detect. If the bearings are damaged and have fracture, big color spalling and overheating, then the bearings can't be repaired and we should discard them.