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Hnccgc Leaders Paid A Visit To Lyc

Release time : 2015-06-15 11:10:38
For a better development in the future, Deputy General Manager Song Fuyin and Minister of Equipment Manufacturing Department Jia Jincai of Henan Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd (HNCCGC) paid an investigation visit to LYC Company on Feb 3, 2009. Song Fuyin said that they would have a wonderful tomorrow with everyone's efforts. The LYC products cover more than 10000 types of rolling bearing with 9 categories and all kinds of tolerance classes and from 25.4 grams of individual weight to 18 tons. LYC can design and produce high-pecision, high-performance and long-life bearings in various specifications for different structures, performance, materials and purposes to satisfy the demands of the customers, and provide all kinds of technical consultation and service.