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High Quality Of Epks Railway Bearings Confirmed

Release time : 2015-06-15 11:15:39
Sixth class precision railway bearings manufactured by Stepnogorsk Bearing Plant JSC have successfully passed post-warranty testing, while radial bearings with short cylindrical rollers for rolling stock journal-boxes (types 30-232726|2, 30-42726|2 36, 36-232726|2, 36-42726|2) of Saratov Bearing Plant have been recertified. The first Stepnogorsk-produced high-precision bearings were installed in trucks produced by FGUP PO Uralvagonzavod. Upon completion of the warranty period, an inspection was undertaken to check the condition of bearings mounted in the journal boxes of wheel pairs moved out of trucks repaired in April-June 2008 at Goroblagodatskaya railroad depot of the Sverdlovsk railway. The inspection commission studied the survey results for 516 wheel pairs (129 trucks) and acknowledged that the guarantee period (500 thousand km, during four years from the installation date) of bearings 36-42726|2 and 36-232726|2 in bogies 18-578 produced by Uralvagonzavod had been completely realized; this was proved by the condition of bearings in journal boxes tested. As far as the railway bearings of SarPZ are concerned, experts of GU Federal Railway Transport Certification Register brought them to full-scale tests in order to confirm their compliance with all the requirements for products of this type. Saratov RC Bearings passed the tests successfully, including reliability tests, size parameter control for all bearing components and analysis of material quality. As Vitaly Sakhnenko noted, Quality Director of EPK Saratov Plant, there had been no complaints with respect to these ranges of products from the respective companies of Russian Railways-they had shown good performance and operating safety; this was confirmed by their railway operation results. According to estimates of branch experts and railroad officials, the demand for these types of bearings will remain to be stable and may grow, in the first place, due to the development of railway network and cargo transportation growth. Besides, companies providing technical maintenance for the rolling stock have great demand for Saratov bearings.