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Hebei Bearing Industry Association Started To Constitute The Twelfth Five Year Plan

Release time : 2015-06-15 11:23:28
The work meeting of constituting the Twelfth Five-YearPlan in Hebei bearing industry was held on Jan. 5th, 2010 in Zhengding. The leaders from the main bearing enterprises and bearing equipment manufacturing enterprises have participated in the meeting. Zhang Huohua, the Honorary Board Chairman of Hebei Bearing Industry Association was present at the meeting. The meeting was presided by Wang Sanmei, the vice general secretary of the provincial bearing industry association. Zheng Zhihe, the senior consultant fro China Bearing Industry Association (consultant of Hebei Bearing Industry Association) was invited to address. Wang Sanmei has brought forward the general requirements to the content of the Plan. He requested to find out the main contradiction and difference in the enterprises development based on the summary of the Eleventh Five-YearPlan; constitute the aim of the plan practically; pursue the easy operation, executable content and fulfillment. The plan of the enterprise and the industry should match each other, obedient to the integrated development of the city and county and embody the strategy, prediction, objectivity and fulfillment of the plan. The Eleventh Five-YearPlan has entered into the last year and the Twelfth Five-YearPlan is coming soon. The period of the Twelfth Five-Yearis very important in the social economic development. To adapt to the change of the situation home and abroad, solving the new problem and new contradiction during development, transforming the development mode, adjusting industrial structure, speeding up the industrial upgrade and achieving the continuous, steady and fast development is the masterstroke of developing economy. Hebei Bearing Industry Association (HBIA) scheduled the research and constitution of industrial xTwelfth Five-YearPlan. The meeting takes Implementing Scientific Outlook on Development as the Center, Propelling the Industry Development as the Start Pointaccurately understood the basic thought of the Twelfth Five-YearPlan, discussed and confirmed the summary edition, the work in each period and schedule, etc. of the Plan. The present leaders indicated that they will energetically do the work, start immediately after the meeting is over and finish the work on time. During the constitution of the plan, especially during the evaluation period, they hope they can get the support and guide from the related departments such as CBIA, etc. During the meeting, they visited the bearing extra precision equipment production of Shijiazhuang Yaxing Machinery Co., Ltd., Shijiangzhuang Bearing Equipment Co., Ltd and Shijiazhuang Xibeibo Bearing Co., Ltd., etc. The holding of this meeting indicated the complete start of the constitution work of the Twelfth Five- YearPlan in Hebei bearing industry. Constituting good plan is very important to adapt to the market change, implement the scientific outlook on development and speed up healthy development of the industry.