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Full Linear Bearing Comparison From Pbc Now Online

Release time : 2015-06-15 12:04:48
Check out the full Globalspec Event Presentation, ??Comparing Linear bearing technologies online. For a quick summary and key takeaways please read below. Title: A Comparison of Recirculating Ball and Plain Bearing Design Presenter: Jon Schroeder, Business Development Manager, PBC Linear Duration: 17 minutes Summary: Have you ever needed to design something that required linear motion? Have you been overwhelmed by the available options? Have you seen the term "PV" value and wondered what that means and why it's important? Have you ever questioned why ball based systems have clear formulas that can be used to calculate lifetime, but plain bearings do not? If you answer "YES" to any of these questions, this presentation is right for you. Attendees will review the basics of ball and plain bearings, and learn how to choose between the two. The discussion will also focus on expected bearing lifetime. Key Take-Aways: Review the two main types of linear bearings: ball and plain Learn how to choose between the two options Understand dynamic load vs PV value Discover why lifetime calculations are not practical with plain bearings