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Frequent Questions Analyses Of Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 09:33:08
When talking about hybrid ceramic bearing, we are very familiar with them. Hybrid ceramic bearings include chrome steel hybrid, stainless steel hybrid and so on. Now hybrid ceramic bearings are wildly used and their advantages are more and more obvious. But some problem soccur along with them, especially non-standard hybrid ceramic bearing.At the beginning of Oct. 2013, my customer wants to purchase non-standard 6805 hybrid ceramic bearing. We are very familiar with this model and the bearing belongs to thin section series. But customer has his own requirement: the section should be reduced to 4.3 mm. Another requirement is that the clearance is C2 and the quantity he needs is a few hundred. When customer places order with me, I feel it is difficult. The first method I think is to produce the bearing according to standard element and then assemble ceramic balls. Finally customer grinds these bearings to the size they need. The customer feeds back to me soon. Firstly, the raceway is badly worn. Secondly the clearance becomes larger. Obviously, the bearing doesn't work. We analyze preliminarily. We firstly grind assembled bearing. The rigidity changes and it is also not easy to clean. Lotsof debris residues in bearings. The precision of ceramic ball is less than steel ball. So the clearance is difficult to control. In view of this condition, when we produce the second bitch of goods, we send rings to customer and let them grind, then we go on ultra precision processing and as sembleballs. The use effect of this time is better than last time.When we produce ceramic bearings, we shouldcarefully consider customer's requirements. If customer returns goods, we willl ead to unnecessary loss to customer and ourselves.