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For Userswhats The Main Elements Of Sleeve Bearing Design We Have To Know

Release time : 2015-06-11 07:58:38
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>For users,what's the main elements of sleeve bearing design we have to know? ?2004-2012 Sleeve bearing is a precision mechanical support element, the users hope steeve bearing design that they will not be damaged in the predetermined period of use and to maintain its dynamic performance, but the objective fact that sometimes is not satisfactory, and give users cause sudden bearing failure accident significant losses. Bearing Failure Analysis study through a lot of that, bearing short-lived or premature loss of accuracy, some due to defects in material or manufacturing improper, but to a large extent, is not strictly in accordance with the requirements of bearings, installation, maintenance, or bearing improper selection or actual load exceeds the rated load of the bearing itself causes abnormal bearing damage, such as fatigue spalling of the bearing parts in large part because of the lubricating oil mixed with impurities. Visible, in order to achieve rolling bearings have a longer life and accuracy of the retention period, in addition to bearing manufacturers to improve product quality, bearing user must use scientific methods and procedures bearings, otherwise, no matter how good the bearings also in bad mortality under random conditions of use ,pls log in our website to see catalogue . The sleeve bearing design of the main considerations is the ultimate speed to require the Dacron life and load capacity, and other factors help determine the final program of the bearing type, structure, size and tolerance level and clearance workers seeking. ? mechanical bearings share space and location Sleeve bearing design, first determine the size of the shaft, and then, based on the size of the design of the shaft sleeve bearings. Usually is a small the shaft selection of ball bearings, roller bearings shaft selection. However, when the bearing is restricted in the diameter direction of the machine, then the selection of the needle roller bearings, a special light and ultralight series of ball or roller bearings; When the axial position of the bearing in the machine is limited, can be used to narrow or Laid narrow series of ball or roller bearings. Size, direction and nature of load bearing suffered The load is the most important factor in the selection of rolling bearing design. Roller bearing is used to bear a heavier load, ball bearings under light or moderate loads, carburizing steel or bainite hardening bearings, can withstand shock and vibration loads. ? aligning bearing performance When the centerline of the shaft with the centerline of the bearing seat, the angle error, or because the axis of the two bearing spacing is large while the shaft rigidity to small, easily force curved or inclined, the choice of having good aligning properties modulation aligning ball or Spherical roller bearings, as well as the outside ball bearings. Such bearings in the case of the axis is slightly inclined or curved, to maintain normal operation. ? bearing rigidity The rigidity of the bearing, bearings produce a unit the size of the force needed to deform the. Rolling bearing elastic deformation is small, most machines can do not have to consider, but in some machines, such as machine tool spindle bearing stiffness is an important factor, generally should be used in cylindrical and tapered roller bearings. Because these two types of bearings, when under load, the rolling element and raceway belonging to point contact, less rigid. ? to facilitate the installation and removal of the bearing When it comes to sleeve bearing design, bearing installation and removal convenient, also must be considered thoroughly, especially the installation and removal of the large and extra large bearings are particularly important. General cups are separable angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and needle roller bearings, installation and removal more convenient, and the inner and outer rings were mounted on the shaft or the housing hole. In addition, the inner diameter with a tapered bore with adapter sleeve Spherical roller bearings, double row cylindrical roller bearings and self-aligning ball bearing, relatively easy installation and removal. ? Other requirements In addition to the above factors, you should also consider the working environment temperature bearings, bearing seals, and friction torque, vibration, noise, and other special requirements. Various types of bearing radial clearance to see the provisions of the national standard. 1. Tolerance class selection A high level of tolerance bearings, the shaft of the manufacturing tolerances of the housing should be compatible with the bearing tolerance class, and should have sufficient structural rigidity. 2. Life and reliability of the calculation The requirements the life of the L is the total accumulated time in accordance with the desired device can work to determine, the commonly used unit is the number of working hours, the calculation of the lifetime is also available bearing the total number of revolutions, in the calculation of life process, the variety of working conditions must be considered. Later, we will give to the fixed bearing design dynamic bearing capacity, it is the actual speed, bearing load and a function of the design life. In given applications, the speed and the actual load is given, so the dynamic capacity is a function of the design life of the contained. In order to improve the reliability of 96%, you can increase the bearing dimensions, so as to achieve the same level in the working reliability of 90%, which means that you can improve the dynamic load carrying capacity, so that it is higher than 90% reliable a desired value of the resistance, which need to select a larger bearing.