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Flange Bearing 20160812

Release time : 2016-08-12 14:53:59

Import flange bearing is one of few flange bearings that can be able to force in two directions at the same time. And the friction of this kind of flange bearing is not very big, so it will not heat when at the high-speed operation, and these bearings are frequently used in mechanical engineering. Now no matter where the bearings from, they will certainly encounter some problems while using, once these unexpected problems appear, we should deal with it in time.

Such as the bearings in car engine box, the lubrication of the bearings is through the engine to drive the internal engine oil to lubricate when the engine works. The way of the lubrication is not only to form a certain degree of oil pressure in the interior of the bearing cavity, but also has a certain flow rate, it is bad for the prevent leakage bearings sealing in this case. So the precision of preventing leakage in this aspect is very high, the bearings all must adopt the contact type seal structure.

The bearing in auto flange, washing machines and other household appliance all adopt the grease lubrication, which needs high requirements in dust-proof, waterproof, leak proof. But the tightness requirements of those household appliances is lower than car automobile engine, so the amount of the sealing ring matched interference is relatively small, especially as for the household appliance bearings. In order to minimize the bearing friction as much as possible, to reduce the bearing vibration noise, sealing ring will generally take a small amount of matched interference.