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Flange Bearing 20160715

Release time : 2016-07-15 15:05:02

Flange bearings applied to different machines, devices, areas and industries, such as small motors, office equipment, fans, toy model, hard motor, robot, medical equipment, testing instrument etc.

The application for flange bearing is wildly, then manufacturers will be concerned about one issue, what is the using life for the flange bearing?

Generally, temperature of flange bearing will rise and last 1 to 2 days after lubrication. The stability and performance is highly sensitive to the damage of flange bearing, the precision of vibration measuring device can measure the vibration of the size, then can be broadly inferred by dif


ferent frequency of the abnormal situation. Measured data are different due to the use of the conditions, so we need to analyze and compare the measure data to make final decision.

Generally the temperature of flange bearing can be speculated according to outdoor temperature. But the effect will be better if measured by oil hole.

Normally temperature will slowly rise up with the operation of flange bearing, and after 1-2 hours reach a stable state. Temperate is different due to the heat capacity of machine, heat dissipation, speed load. If properly installed, then must stop running and take some measures.

Flange bearing temperature measurement can be used by thermometer, some important bearings damage will cause equipment stop running, so it is best to install a temperature probe.

  1. keep clean of the bearing, even small dust can bring bad influence to bearings. So keep the environment clean to avoid dust.
  2. Be careful when you use it. Improper use produce indentation, and even make bearings broken.
  3. Use professional tools to replace some temporary tools.
  4. Be sure to wear gloves in operating, to avoid rusty.

There are three methods to improve using life of flange bearings:

  1. Reform internal structure to make sure the gap of bearing cage and bearing ring radius bigger than eccentricity.
  2. Using the analysis system, through optimization and transformation of the plate thickness and shape to maintain the strength of bearing.
  3. Design a groove in the bearing to make full use of lubrication oil, which can avoid waste and damage.