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Small Finishing Bearings Can Withstand Large Weights, Look Fishing Bearing How to Run Freely

Release time : 2017-07-21 09:48:50
Fishing enthusiasts often talk to each other, comparisons, will talk about what brand of fishing line wheel is good, more bearings, the use of convenient, lightweight and so on. And these people are only on the fishing wheel round of understanding, only know the number of bearings, not the performance of the whole understanding. These lovers generally think that the more the better bearings, and some that the quality of fishing wheel depends entirely on the quality and shape of the bearing. But this view is wrong, a fishing wheel quality is good or bad, just from the number of bearings and bearings up to identify, we made a partial error. Because the bearing is only a part of the fishing wheel, and can not really determine the quality of fishing wheel. Now on the market a lot of manufacturers, in order to be able to cope with a lot of fishing friends mentality, and sometimes deliberately marked on the packaging is a few bearings, and thus to improve their product sales. If you are interested, we will find that the bearing-powered fishing wheel actually does not require too many bearings, the use of bearings is only really pulling time. In the fishing gear bearings, many are in the use of fishing wheel round one-way bearing, is now the most common use of a. Because the fishing wheel on the bearing requirements are also high, the choice of time to be very flexible, there must be no buffer process to immediately stop, the noise should be very low, can not have rustling sound. The concentricity of bearings must be better (concentricity is not good, then there will be a point or a number of points when the rotation will be abnormal sound) so no sound is the key. So in order to be able to catch large and heavy fish, we have a high demand for fishing wheel bearings? Rotation must be flexible. The flexible rotation of the bearings is to reduce the resistance and reduce the wear of the bearings and fittings. This is also the time for the fishing wheel to be more flexible in the delivery line, so that the customer will enjoy more in the course of fishing. Fishing gear bearing torque must be large, so it can be very simple to avoid fishing wheel rework and so on.