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Fan Shaft Solution Uses Self Aligning Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-15 12:30:08
SKF has developed a total fan shaft solution that is said to optimize the performance and increase the service life of industrial fan applications. The solution uses the SKF self-aligning bearing arrangement as well as sealing, lubrication and condition monitoring technology, enabling end users to optimise productivity levels and minimise maintenance costs. The company said the self-aligning bearing system eliminates the problem of axial displacement that is typical in industrial fan applications. The arrangement comprises a Carb toroidal roller bearing and an SKF Explorer spherical needle roller bearings, with each component supported in a robust SNL plummer block housing. The system is said to reduce the cost of operating industrial fans and results in more consistent and efficient rotation. A range of SKF sealing and lubricating solutions can be used with the self-aligning bearing system to increase system performance and reliability still further. These include automated lubrication systems, such as SKF's Vogel range, which ensure bearings are correctly lubricated at all times, without the need for manual checking and application. To ensure industrial fans continue to deliver optimum performance over extended service lives, SKF provides its condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions. For example, SKF Copperhead enables early detection of unbalance, mechanical looseness, bearing faults or high temperatures bearings, so that remedial action can be taken quickly, before performance is degraded. A range of handheld analysers are also available, including SKF's Microlog and Marlin systems, for analysis and reporting.