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Establishing Base Consummating Chain Linqing Bearing Industry Upgraded Completely

Release time : 2015-06-15 10:44:02
Linqing City insists on taking the improve of bearing industry, establishing excellent production base as the important cut-in point and focus of the strategy of prosper the city by qualitycontinuously consummates the preferential support policy, boosts the industrial development, enhances the support capacity. The bearing manufacturing enterprise expands the scope in succession; the product quality is greatly improved. At present, the industrial cluster which covers the whole city and the surrounding counties and districts has been formed. The market is promising; the scope is outstanding, the fittings are complete and the enterprise group is large. At present, the number of bearing processing enterprises and bearing fitting enterprises has developed to 622, in which 118 enterprises have large scope with the bearings distributors of 12,000, and the bearing practitioners of 60,000. in 2008, the fix asset of the bearing industry in the city has reached CNY 2.47 billion; the main business income has reached CNY 14.17 billion with the profit of CNY 1.14 billion. Some backbone enterprises such as Halin Bearing, Kaimeirui Bearing, Jieyu Bearing, Zhongrui Bearing Parts and Xinfa Tube, etc develops very fast, support and drive the development of bearing industry in Linqing. Meanwhile, the industrial chain is continuously consummated and forms a production and sales system from special steel manufacturing to forging, machining, grinding and heat treatment, installation and sale and a professional industrial chain with strong fitting capacity, which can manufacture more than 5,000 models of products from type 0 to 9 and consumes more than 800 tons of special steel, 120 tons of steel ball and 150 tons of rolling parts each day. The sales representatives of bearing enterprises staying outside Linqing are up to 8,000.