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Energy Management Programme From Skf For Fan Systems

Release time : 2015-06-15 10:54:05
The Energy Monitoring Service - Fan Systems programme from SKF is designed to help identify opportunities for industrial facilities to reduce their energy bills and improve fan and system efficiency. By using plant staff trained by SKF water pump bearings or SKF service personnel to carry out routine measurements and monitor fan energy efficiency, this energy monitoring service can determine when it is cost effective to repair a worn or damaged fan. According to SKF, many assessments suggest that energy costs for fan systems can be reduced by 20 per cent or more simply by improving fan and system efficiency. The service is targeted to benefit industrial facilities that spend a significant amount on energy to operate fan systems, or have specific goals for energy or CO2 emissions reduction. Also, by combining the service with an existing condition-monitoring program, facilities can improve overall reliability and employ in-house maintenance personnel to create one comprehensive asset management system. The Energy Monitoring Service - Fan Systems from SKF applies a flexible process that follows the following key steps: fan system selection process; establishing a database that includes details on the fans included in the monitoring programme; training operations staff; and programme hand over and routine monitoring and stainless steel bearings. Repairs can be scheduled as indicated by the process, and other energy-efficiency measures considered, such as lubrication, balancing, alignment, belt tensioning and the use of low-friction bearings, such as SKF series E2 (where applicable). Additionally, the Energy Monitoring Service - Fan Systems from SKF ball bearings can be combined with SKF technologies and service contracts to establish a complete maintenance programme.