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Elges Branded Plain Bearings Freedom From Maintenance And High Load Capacity

Release time : 2015-06-15 10:59:17
Rolling bearings offer only limited suitability for swivel motion when subjected to simultaneous high loads. Especially when small swivel angles in combination with shock loads and vibration form part of the operating conditions, this can lead to ripples in the raceways (false brinelling). In addition to uneven running and increased noise development, this often results in premature bearing failure. Schaeffler Group Industrial offers a wide range of ELGES branded plain bearings as an alternative to rolling bearings. ELGES plain bearings are available in maintenance-free designs and in versions requiring relubrication, both of which are available as radial, angular contact and axial spherical plain bearings. Maintenance-free cylindrical plain bushes round off the range on offer. In the case of plain bearings requiring maintenance, the contact surfaces are separated by lubricating grease. Here a specific swivel angle is required to ensure proper lubricant distribution. In contrast, maintenance-free plain bearings are fitted with ELGOGLIDE sliding layer developed by ELGES. This is 0.5 millimeters thick and highly wear resistant. ELGOGLIDE is made of PTFE fabric (polytetrafluorethylene) which is embedded in synthetic resin and bonded to the outer ring bore. The counter raceway is hard-chromium plated. The sliding material neither expands when exposed to humidity, nor heat-seals with metal. Moreover it is largely resistant to chemical agents and is equally suitable for rotary and linear movements. Its strengths come to bear in particular during oscillating motion. ELGOGLIDE accommodates the loads, transmits them and also takes over the lubrication function. Relubrication of these bearings is not required ??C on the contrary: It is even undesirable because it would destroy the matched tribological system. Bearings fitted with this sliding layer reach their maximum mileage under 100 percent dry running. The dynamic contact pressure of ELGOGLIDE bearings amounts to 300 N/mm2. This corresponds to a weight of 300 kg that acts on a square of ELGOGLIDE material having a side length of 3 mm. The 300 kg can be displaced by a force of 9 kg over a length of 6 kilometers. High load carrying capacity and long service life combined with small installation space and low friction: ELGOGLIDE bearings offer a number of advantages for applications characterized by high loads and small swivel angles. Their total freedom from maintenance reduces downtimes and service costs and eliminates the need for lubricants. Typical applications in powered industrial trucks include tie rod bearing supports as well as lift mast connections for adjusting the mast tilt. Further heavy-duty applications are boom and spreader connections in container stackers and the relevant hydraulic cylinder connections.