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Electroplating Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-10 07:19:48
We can customize electroplating bearings.Plating are usually metallic materials include: zinc, nickel, chrome and black plating, etc. Plating bearings generally lower than the cost of the stainless steel bearings, and rust corrosion resistant function completely can be comparable to stainless steel bearing. It is usually beautiful appearance and green environmental etc. Electroplating is simply the bearing to soak in the metal salt solution as a cathode, put need coating materials such as zinc anode, after the electricity to produce chemical reaction process. Electroplating Introduction: . zinc plating It includes color zinc and white zinc plated. Zinc plating is the most commonly used a way of electroplating for the low cost, easy machining. But the rust corrosion function is not very strong. . Nickel plating Nickel plating bearing are finish good, but the process is more difficult than galvanized, so it is more higher price. Rust corrosion performance much better than zinc plating. . Black plating It is also called "oxidation". The oxidation process refers to the bearing surface to form a layer of black oxidation protective film. This method is more economical than galvanized, but rust corrosion resistant performance is good than galvanized. If you need more information, please click:bearing surface.