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Dxp And Kaydon Make Forbes 200 Best List

Release time : 2015-06-15 11:11:22
Forbes Magazine has named two bearing manufacturers -- DXP Enterprises and Kaydon -- to its 2008 list of "200 Best Small Companies." DXP Enterprises came in at #2, in only its second appearance on the list. In 2007, DXP was ranked #39. Kaydon is at #109, up from #182 in 2007. It has spent three years on the 200 Best list. The Forbes 200 is a rating of the top 200 "strongest small public companies." For consideration, sales must be between $5 million and $750 million, and the share price must be $5 or higher. Qualifying companies are then ranked by 5-year average return on equity; sales growth; and EPS average profit growth. DXP's 5-year ROE is 30%, sales growth is 24%, and average EPS growth 56%. Kaydon's 5-year ROE is 14%, sales growth is 12%, and average EPS growth is 24%.