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Does Anyone Know What Is The Waterproof Skateboard Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-10 11:49:53
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>Does anyone know what is the waterproof skateboard bearings? ?2004-2012 Recently I noticed BBS often appear such questions as follows. What is the waterproof skateboard bearings? Does anyone know of any waterproof skateboards bearings? I believe that a lot of people have the same question, so do I. I thought waterproof skateboard bearings means Ball Bearings with two rubber seals. It can really stop water into the bearing, and then achieve waterproof function, but it is far from enough. I think my thinking is too narrow. Through the communication with several customers, we found that they need bearing not only waterproof seals. I was really curious, what??s that mean, exactly? I really understand what they say after further discussion. Their request for a reason. Because most of the users is used to choose Stainless Steel Bearings or chrome steel bearings. All of these bearing need lubricating oil. But these lubricating oil will be flushed out once bearings contacted water environment for a long time, so the service life of bearings will be shortened. Also because of this, bring them a lot of trouble. Understanding of these later, I suddenly woke up. Why don't we use dry bearings? Why don't we change the way of thinking? So I called several users, and said my ideas. They also think is feasible, and try to purchase some. The result is same as I expected, more and more customers started to place an order. Maybe a lot of people want to know what is actually waterproof skateboard bearings? Let me the answer to a riddle. Our factory can produce Ceramic Bearings, plastic bearings, and hybrid ceramic ball bearings. These bearing does not need any lubricating oil. I believe that all the people known ceramic bearings and plastic bearing can be used do not add any lubricating oil. Especially ceramic bearing can be used in any water environment, but the cost is relatively high. The speed and load of plastic bearing is low, so please choose carefully But for hybrid ceramic bearings, many users are not familiar with them. So now let me come to point to introduce this type of bearing. This kind of bearing is our company's main products. I believe it will be unable to substitute products. Hybrid ceramic bearing configuration: chrome steel rings or stainless steel rings + ceramic balls + nylon retainer or steel retainer or PTFE retainer. Ceramic ball has self lubricating performance without any oil, just using it as a rolling body, so bearings can be used in oil free environment. That is to say, hybrid ceramic bearing no need to add oil, also avoid oil or grease were washed away. so I think the hybrid ceramic bearing is best waterproof skateboard bearings no matter the cost or performance.