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Do You Want To Know The Roller Bearing Cross Reference Please Refer To Here

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By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>Do you Want to Know the roller bearing cross reference, Please Refer to Here ?2004-2012 You may puzzled with so many kinds of part no. of roller bearings and want to refer to cross reference of roller bearing, for which could help you to find correct bearings with different bearings part no. but surly the same bearing. In fact it was not so hard to know roller bearing cross reference if you could classify them correctly. One way to categorize bearings is by the type of rolling element they use. Using this method, there are four types of roller bearings: Needle Roller Bearings, Cylindrical roller bearings, Spherical Roller Bearings, Tapered Roller Bearings. The first kind is Needle Roller Bearings: There are mainly three types, first need to classify them to the correct classification: Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings. Heavy Duty Needle Roller Bearings and one way needle roller bearings. Then it would be easier to choose the correct products. The second kind is Cylindrical Roller Bearings Briefly speaking, there are three types, single row styles, double row styles and four row styles. Double row styles (NN, NNU) - Double Row cylindrical roller bearings are denoted by two N's within the part number (e.g., NN or NNU). Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings - First, the inner ring is separable form the outer ring and rollers which allows the inner ring to remain with the roll during grinding processes. This assures precise concentricity and negligible run-out providing for high rolling accuracy. Secondly, this design allows for greater radial load carrying and higher operating speeds. Four rows cylindrical must be used in combination with a thrust bearing which is usually a two row taper, angular contact ball bearings, or a Deep Groove Ball Bearings depending on the thrust load present. The third is Spherical Roller Bearings Spherical Roller Bearings - Are double row self-aligning bearings capable of carrying heavy radial loads combined with moderate thrust loads in either direction. They are extremely resistant to shock loads and their self-aligning feature allows full capacity loading despite shaft deflection. They usually do not belong to High Speed Bearings. Spherical Roller Bearings TL Series - Excellent performance with high temperature equipment. High strength to prevent inner ring fractures. The forth kind is Tapered Roller Bearings Four Row Tapered Roller Bearings are very popular for use on roll necks. Most of these bearings are composed of two double cones (four Inner ring raceways), a cone spacer, two single cups (one at each end), one double cup (the center two raceways in the outer rings), and two cup spacers. They are very effective at operating under heavy radial and axial loads at low to moderate speeds. Two Row Tapered Roller Bearings Are very common as the back-up thrust bearing in a rolling mill or as the roll neck in lighter duty rolling mills. Two row tapers are designed in a variety of styles for different applications. Converging bearings (TDI, TDIE, TDIS) consist of one double cone and two single cups possibly with a cup spacer. Diverging bearings (TDO, TDOD, TDOC) consist of two single cones, a cone spacer, and one double cup. Above information is the brief introduction of roller bearing cross reference. For detailed introduction, please feel free to contact us.