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Do You Really Think You Know About The Ceramic Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:47:30    
Recently customers consult me many problems about ceramic bearings in the process of sales. There are many professional solutions on the Internet. Here, I just want to weakly ask: Do you really think you know about the ceramic bearing? I step into the field for a few years and have a deeper understanding of ceramic bearings. I'll sum up the problems customers often ask: 1. How to choose the ceramic bearing model? The model and size and basic parameters of Ceramic bearing are nearly the same as common chorme steel bearing. 2. How much load can ceramic bearing carry? Because of high hardness, so ceramic bearing can't be applied to high load or pressure occasions. 3. What's the application environment of ceramic bearing? Ceramic bearing is usually applied to such occasions as vacuum, high temperature, insulation, non-magnetic and corrosion. Wherein, our maily technical requirement is to overcome high temperature environment. 4. What should be noted in ceramic bearing installation process? When installing ceramic bearing, we should firstly note the bearing tolerance and the range of bearing tolerance. In addition to these, the bearing installation shouldn't be fitted tightly and should travel light. 5. The service life and noise of ceramic bearing. The service life of ceramic bearing is about 1-2 times as long as common steel bearing. More specific service life depends on all factors in actual bearing application, such as load, rotation speed, rotation time and usage environment, which are the important factors of bearing's service life. About the noise of ceramic bearings, micro-model 35db, mid-model 40 or so. The larger the bearing is, the greater the noise is. 6. The seals of ceramic bearing The seals of ceramic bearing mainly include nitrile butadiene rubber, PEFE and PEEK. While some customers need angular contact bearing with seals on both sides. Because angular contact bearing has taper, so it is easy to wear out the outer ring and generate scrap ring. Our company has solved the problem and began mass-production. The above are some questions my customers often consult me. I hope you can have a new understanding of ceramic bearing from my introduction.