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Do You Know The Advantage Of High Quality Ceramic Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-10 11:29:46
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>Do you know the advantage of high quality ceramic bearings? ?2004-2012 Ceramic bearings as an important basic component of machinery, because of metal bearings are unmatched excellent performance, high quality ceramic bearings perform high temperature resistant, super strength to play the leading role in the world of new materials. Over the past decade, in the various fields of the national economy and an increasingly wide range of applications. The advantage of high quality ceramic bearings First, high quality ceramic bearings barely afraid of corrosion, ceramic Ball Bearings are suitable for operating under harsh conditions covered with corrosive media. Second, since the high quality ceramic with higher modulus of elasticity than steel, when the force is not easy to deformation, and thus help to improve the working speed, and to achieve higher precision. Third, ceramics by thermal expansion and contraction smaller than that of steel, therefore the bearing clearance is constant, you can allow the bearing to work in a more dramatic temperature changes. Fourth,due to the high quality ceramic rolling balls lower density than Stainless Steel Bearings, the weight but also to much lighter, so the centrifugal effect of the rotation of the outer ring can be reduced by 40%, thus greatly extend the life. This last point is the most important point, insulation. Using ceramic ball bearings, allows the insulation between the inner and outer rings of the bearing, because the ceramic ball insulator, you can achieve the effect of the insulation between the inner and outer rings of the bearings with ceramic balls.This allows the bearing can be used in the electrically conductive environment. Technology continues to progress, ceramic bearing costs continue to decline, from the past only in some high, refined, advanced into the area within the application, and gradually extend to various industrial sectors of the national economy, market price gradually approaching the practical reach the acceptable level of user, a large area of applications of high quality ceramic bearings wave has coming!