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Do You Know And Do You Need Ceramic Bearings For Fishing Reels

Release time : 2015-06-10 12:14:55    
Do you Know and Do you Need Ceramic Bearings for Fishing Reels? By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>Do you Know and Do you Need Ceramic Bearings for Fishing Reels? ?2004-2012 Do you like fishing? Do you have a good knowledge of ceramic bearings for fishing reels? People who like fishing are searching for High Speed Bearings, lighter and lighter spools, more performant braking systems, out of this world handles, full bearing supported knobs, and lots more can make a reel more than you bargained for. Now advanced ceramic bearings for fishing reels could totally meet with fishing lovers requirements. Because all-ceramic balls weigh roughly 60% less than a stainless steel ball, surly the weight of ceramic bearing would much less than Stainless Steel Bearings, the bearing will have reduced centrifugal loads as the balls spin against the races and cage. Reduced centrifugal loads combined with the reduced slip, results in higher attained speeds and less bearing vibration and noise. Although they can sound a little rough when new or after cleaning, they should quiet down after the lube has had a chance to disperse and run-in. However, one of the downsides with lighter and more precise bearings is that they can be significantly affected if over-lubed or get fouled with debris and/or water, due to the lighter ball weight, and tighter tolerances and fit in the bearing. Debris may not be as readily cast off, as it otherwise would, and instead will often circulate around inside the bearing between races, balls, and the cage. Consequently, ceramic hybrid spool bearings may need more frequent cleaning (when compared to lower quality bearings), especially when used in a reel for shore fishing. As ceramic material it has very light self weight. The lighter the balls, cage and inner race are on a bearing, the faster the Ball Miniature Bearings will accelerate and achieve rated speed. This can be very important for reel spool bearings, since spool startup is one of the most significant factors affecting how well a reel can cast. There are two ways to reduce the weight of radial bearings. The first is to use lighter material for the balls, since they typically make-up 50 to 75% of a ball bearing weight. The second way is to make the bearing smaller in physical size than it otherwise could have been. This may involve reducing the size of supported shafts and sockets that the bearings mount in. Lighter spool bearings do have a downside. Since the mass of the balls has been reduced, there is a potential for increased drag losses if the bearings become fouled with debris or excess oil (lighter balls have less momentum). So, it is much more important to keep ceramic bearings for fishing reels clean and properly lubricated, in order to reduce drag losses.