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Dhi Dcw Group Co Ltd Successfully Developed The Domestic Largest Ship Crankshaft

Release time : 2015-06-11 08:33:29
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>DHI.DCW Group Co., Ltd Successfully Developed the Domestic Largest Ship Crankshaft ?2004-2012 DHI.DCW Group Co., Ltd successfully developed the first domestic largest Wartsila series 82T ship crankshaft on June 29, it also has smoothly passed the joint inspection made by the design patent company and Det Norske Veritas (DNV), which was the important achievement for DHI.DCW Group based on its independent innovation and the adjustment of products' structure. What's more, it was another significant breakthrough in developing extra-large ship crankshafts for DHI.DCW Group after the successful development of Man En series 90 crankshaft. Yu Yingji, one of the leaders for DHI.DCW Group Co., Ltd and the general manager of Huarui Ship Crankshaft Co., Ltd introduced that the 82T crankshaft was tailored for 400,000 tons ore ship with the length of 13m, weighs about 235 tons, which is the domestic largest crankshaft at present. The test data for this type of crankshaft is up to 905, among which the test standards for more than 100 data has higher than Man en series 90 crankshaft, meanwhile, the newly developed crankshaft with 3,375 mm long stroke, 1,075 mm longer than Man en 90 crankshaft. During the development processing, DHI.DCW Group with its sophisticated equipment and rich manufacturing experience, in accordance with the standards for creating high quality crankshafts, gave full play to experts, engineering & technical professionals, formulated tight technical scheme and quality control plan. Finally developed & applied special processing cutting tools, specialised tooling and other new technologies based on the anyalysis for a lot of data and model calculation, thus to conquer the crankcase R processing, hot outfit temperature, straightness control, overall hoisting and finishing five major technical issues, which has ensured that products' quality has reached the standards & conditions made by the design patent company and DNV. It is learned that the successful development of 82T crankshaft has important significances. First of all, it marks that DHI.DCW Group had the capability to produce low-speed ship crankshaft with all series of Wartsila & Man en, which also accumulated valuable experience for the company to develop large-sized crankshafts in the future. Secondly, it puts an end to the situation for depending on imported crankshafts for the company, which filled the domestic gap. In the meanwhile, the cost also decreased by 30% compared with the imported ones. Thirdly, it breakthrough the bottleneck for China to manufacturing extra-large crankshafts, which provided strong guarantee for the national economic security. Lastly, it provides the core support for China to undertake super large ships, and also promotes the overall level of shipbuilding industry and the international competitiveness. Since the development of the first Man en 50 crankshaft in December 2007, DHI.DCW Group has adhered to the integration of independent innovation with innovative introduction, afterwards, it has successfully developed the first Man en 70 crankshaft in June, 2008, the first domestic largest Man en 90 crankshaft in March, 2009, the first Wartsila 58 TD crankshaft in October, 2010, the first domestic largest Wartsila 82T crankshaft in June, 2011. Currently, DHI.DCW Group has cumulatively produced more than 120 crankshafts with various types, which realized the serialization and mass production for the international leading large & extra-large crankshafts, at the same time, the products' quality has been highly recongnized by users, the market share improved year by year. Now DHI.DCW Group is working hard to implement the II phase construction for the crankshaft project, the annual production capacity for large-sized ship crankshafts could reach 150 after it had been fully completed, which will become the world-class crankshaft R & D base.