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Details Of Choosing Bearings From Other Countries

Release time : 2015-06-10 07:41:36
When buying imported bearings, users would feel hard to choose on quality, cost performance . Today I'll introduce the main reference frame: 1, The load, direction a bearing bears and its character. It is the main basics to choose bearing types. (1) Load, Direction a bearing bears Usually, the contact of a ball bearing main component is point contact, it is available to the condition of small load fluctuation; the contact of roller bearing main contact is line contact, it is available to bigger load; (2) Direction of Load If a bearing bears pure axial load, we usually use thrust bearing; if smaller load, we can choose thrust bearing; if bigger load, we would use thrust roller bearing; If a bearing bears pure radial load, we usually use deep groove ball bearing, cylindrical roller bearing or roller bearing; If a bearing bears pure radial but not big load, we could choose deep groove ball bearing, not-big contact angle angular contact bearing or conical roller bearing; when coming to bigger load, we can choose bigger contact angle angular bearings or conical roller bearing, we also can the structure combination of radial bearing and thrust bearing, they respectively bear axial load and radial load. 2, Rotating Speed of Bearing Often, higher rotating speed, smaller load or higher running accuracy demand, we should buy ball bearing; slower rotating speed, bigger load or if there comes impulse load, we should choose roller bearings. The limited rotation of thrust bearing is very low. When work rotation is bigger, if the axial load is not very big, we can use angular contact ball bearing bear the axial load. 3, Self-Aligning of Bearing When bearing's central line misaligns with shaft block's, or the bearing bears force to make itself metabolic, leading to bearing's inner ring, outer ring deflection. Now we should use self-aligning ball bearing and self-aligning mix child bearing with the function of self-aligning. For the bigger support span, big degree crook of axle or it has several pivots, self-aligning ball bearing is also a good choice. Cylindrical roller bearing, roller bearing and conical roller bearing are sensitive to angular deviation, they are used in high-stiff axle or when bearing is concentric to its block. Worthwhile, there is a limited slant angle between inner axis and outer axis in kinds of bearings, if exceed, bearing's life would be shortened. 4, Installation and Removal of Bearing When there is no subdivision side in bearing block and we have to install and remove assembly units, firstly we should choose a bearing which its outer ring could be separable (cylindrical roller bearing, roller bearing, conical roller bearing, etc.). When installing something on the long axis, we can choose 1:12 inner ring bore conical roller bearing. 5, Economical Demand Normally, deep groove ball bearing is the cheapest, roller bearing is more expensive than ball bearing. The higher precision, the higher price. Choosing bearings, we should kinds of bearing's price under knowing use requirements conditions, reduce the cost.