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Dental Bearing:Comparison of Mixed Ceramic Bearing Materialsand All Steel Materials

Release time : 2017-05-03 02:49:07
Dental drill, also known as oral mobile phone, a common oral medical facilities, the frequency of use in dental clinics is very high. So its important line is also conceivable. Its main structure is not, shell, mandrel sets, miniature rolling bearings, washers and so on. Dental Drilling Tail Atmosphere Connect the gas source and the water source, the high pressure gas drives the drill movement to rotate at high speed, and the water sprayed at the same time cools the ground teeth. Dental drilling speed is very high, and the main components of the performance requirements of micro-bearings is very high, miniature bearing life will directly lead to the life of dental drill, especially in the case of frequent high temperature sterilization. For the ceramic material than the steel modulus of elasticity, hardness is relatively high, so the general ceramic ball and channel contact area is small, this will make the contact stress becomes larger, but in the case of high speed, in many cases, Because the role of the time in the outer channel on the main load in the centrifugal force of the ball, and less than the density of ceramic balls, light weight, centrifugal force is relatively small, so the ceramic ball bearings than the spring port bearing contact stress, while the ceramic ball is very difficult Steel surface wear, so in the high-speed light load when the hybrid ceramic bearings than steel bearings long life. Through the use of mixed ceramic bearings and all-steel bearings for the dental drill bearings as the manufacturing materials, the same situation, the performance of hybrid ceramic bearings lower than the steel bearings, but the channel surface wear better than all-steel ceramic bearings, Therefore, in the case of high-speed, in order to improve the performance of ceramic bearings, the cage should be a reasonable selection and improvement.