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Dental Bearing 20160819

Release time : 2016-08-19 14:50:51

For several years, people’s living standard and life quality are increasing gradually. So some things which often ignored in the past are gradually become the mainstream. People are more aware of tooth diseases. At present, the need and requirement for domestic dental bearing is increasing. We imported most of dental bearings from foreign country in the past, even though some company and factories produce it in domestic, its quality and standard can’t satisfy marketing needs. So that makes a very important significance of dental bearing research and development and production.

Dental module consists of axle, turbine, collet chuck, spring shim, etc. Turbine and bearing needs to cooperate well to improve the overall speed of rotation. Bearing outer ring supported by rubber set ring’s elasticity within the shell.

Dental bearing is the most important part of whole dental modules, and there are many different types and sizes, its function and effect are also different. If working in a humid environment or dust environment, dental bearing needs the requirements of high speed, high precision, low noisy and long lifetime etc.

Choosing superior manufacturing materials

Because dental bearing need to work in various severe environments, such as dust and humid, we should be more cautious to choose material to manufacture dental bearing.

Because of the characteristics of high speed, high precision and long life of dental bearing, we should research and develop high quality dental bearing material.

Bearing’s manufacturing material is extremely important for dental bearing’s precision, lifespan and function. The material of dental bearing’s ring material must be the stainless steel which is corrosion-resistance, and the material of needs to be pressure proof,  shock resistance and temperature resistant.