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All the Analysis of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Release time : 2017-05-26 03:59:03
Deep groove ball bearings are the most common bearing in rolling bearings. Its structural principle is also very simple. The basic deep groove ball bearings are made of an outer ring, an inner ring, steel balls, a cage, four part of the composition. By type to distinguish, you can also be divided into two types of single and double. The main role of deep groove ball bearings is to withstand the radial load axial load, contact angle is zero. When the deep groove ball bearings have relatively large radial clearance, they are with angular contact performance, and can withstand a large axial load. Deep groove ball bearing friction coefficient is very small, speed is very high, in that kind of load under the circumstances, deep groove ball bearing is more superiority than the thrust bearing. Deep groove ball bearing structure is also very simple and clear, compared with other types, they can be more easy to achieve high manufacturing precision, easy to mass production, and the cost is relatively low, the market utilization is also very wide. In addition to the most basic type, there are dust cover deep groove ball bearings, rubber seals deep groove ball bearings. Deep groove ball bearings are the most representative of rolling bearings, the role is also very wide. It is more suitable for very high-speed operation, and very durable, do not need frequent maintenance work. The friction coefficient of this bearing is very small, the limit speed is very high, and the structure is very simple, low manufacturing costs, relatively easy to achieve high manufacturing accuracy. Deep groove ball bearing size range and form of a variety of changes, used in precision instruments, low noise motor, automotive and other machinery industry.They are the most widely used bearing in machinery industry. The axial load capacity is increased when the larger radial clearance is selected, and the contact angle is zero when the pure radial force is applied. When the axial force is applied, the contact angle is bigger than zero. Deep groove ball bearings are currently the most commonly used rolling bearings, they can withstand radial load. When the speed is high and do not use thrust ball bearings, they can also bear the pure bearing load.