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Deep Deep Groove Ball Bearings Fall In Love With Roller Skating

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:48:28
Deep groove ball bearings are the eldest in the bearing family. Because of its low friction coefficient, high limited rotation speed, low manufacturing cost and high manufacture precision easy to achieve, so deep groove ball bearings have largest production and are widely used. In the traditional sense, many bearings are related with industry and it is difficult to associate them with leisure entertainment and sports fitness. But the application of deep groove ball bearings to roller skating changes our common cognition.Deep groove ball bearings are the metal object put in the middle of wheel of roller skating shoes to help wheels rotate. A bearing is put one side and the middle is separated by a sleeve. General single row shoes use plastic sleeves and superior shoes use metal sleeves; the grades of single row roller skating shoes range from abec1 to abec 5. The higher the grade is, the more precision it is. The stand or fall of bearing can't just depend on the index of abec. The difference of many manufacturers is often larger than these indexes. At the same time, the quality of deep groove ball bearing determines the flexibility of roller skating shoes. Good deep groove ball bearing has smooth surface, higher hardness, exquisite and delicate manual work and characters having formal model and brand on both bearing covers. When using deep groove ball bearings, we should not touch water. Otherwise, it will rust. If the surface of bearing accumulates a lot of sludge dirt, we can wipe it with dry cloth or slightly damp cloth. If it has noise during rotation, it may rust or don't have oil, we can open the dust cove of detachable bearing and daub some oil; If the steel ball is damaged, we should change bearing; We can't open the non-detachable bearing, so we should replace it with a new one. If its rotation speed is low, it may accumulate some dirties; Then we should clean bearing with special oil cleaning agent. The method as follows: Dispatch the dust covers on both sides and put the cleaning agent into bottle with cover (bearings can be put into the bottle), then put the bearings into the bottle and cover the bottle and shake the bottle slightly for ten minutes. After doing that, we can bring them out and dry the liquid with dry cloth or paper and had better daub some butter and then cover the dust covers.(Butter is the best, engine oil is ok.) Of course, sometimes the bearing surface accumulates many dirties, we can't achieve expected effect by simply cleaning, then we need to dispatch the bearing to clean. Generally, I advise that with rotary screw hexagonal screw driver slowly pry, strength to uniform distribution, can't crow at a point, then the bearings can't be significantly affected. After wiping, it is easy to assemble. However, I suggest that we had better not literally dispatch bearings. After dispatching the bearings, the seal effect can be affected. So we had better not dispatch the bearings of roller skating shoes and should note that skate on smooth surface not damp surface. After using a long time, we can directly replace the old one with a new one. About one year is enough.