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Critical Details Of Choosing Bearing Models

Release time : 2015-06-10 09:30:53
The mostheadache thing is to choose bearing models when we purchase bearings. Whetherwe choose approximate bearing models can directly affect the use. Then I'llrecommend detail about choosing bearing models. 1. We shouldchoose bearing models according to load Deep groove mainly bear radial load,but it can also bear composite load in radial and axial directions.Self-aligning ball bearing mainly bear radial load, but it can also be appliedto occasions undertaking radial load and small axial load.The axialbear capacity of angular contact bearing becomes larger and larger along withthe increase of contact angle. This kind of bearing mainly bear composite load,that is the load produced in radial and axial directions at the same time.Cylindrical roller bearing can only bear radial load and its capacity ofundertaking radial load is larger than the same size deep groove ball bearing.One-way thrust ball bearing undertake unidirectional radial load and can fastenmachine shaft, but it can't bear any radial load.Doubledirection thrust ball bearing can undertake thrust load in two directions andcan fasten machine shaft bi-directionally, but can't bear any radial load.Thrust roller bearing is applied to occasion which can undertake large axialload and impact load. Self-aligning roller bearing besides can bear radialload, and can withstand the two-way axial load. Roller bearing can undertakelarge axial load and is difficult to be affected by impact load and can beapplied to occasion limited by rigid axial space. Joint bearing can undertakecomposite load which mainly includes larger radial load, but its workingrotation speed is low. Ball bearing has higher ultimate rotation speed, so weshouldpreferentially consider ball bearing.When theradial load is small, we should choose deep groove ball bearing. Otherwise, weshould choose cylindrical roller bearing. As to composite load, when the loadis small, we should choose angular contact ball bearing; otherwise, we shouldchoose tapered roller bearing or cylindrical roller bearing or angular contactball bearing.