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Critical Details Of Choosing Bearing Models 2

Release time : 2015-06-10 09:28:39
2. We should choose bearing models according to working environment Environment quality directly affects the use of the bearing.The requirement of fishing bearing is rust-resistance. When bearing is applied to instrument, the requirements are low noise and long service life. Then I take several working environments for example. Generally speaking, electric tool bearing should have long service life and low noise performance. Home appliance bearing need have longer service life, high load and high rotation speed performances. In food machinery industry, because food processing industry experience extreme temperature, humid air and regular wash, the bearing must bear such environment as frequent rotation, pollution and changed temperature. In skateboard bearing industry, the bearing should have advantages of sturdy and durable, enough protection and low friction, so the 608zz is popular. Our skateboard bearing has ABEC1-ABEC9. At the same time, we can provide lots of colors seals according to customers'requirements. And we can print special characters requested by customers. Because the miniature motor bearing needs to bear rather large radial load and high rotation speed and achieves smooth rotation, low noise and long service life effects, its requirement is also very strict.