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Cold Precision Forging Technology Of Jiangsu Sengwei Group Attracted International Attention

Release time : 2015-06-15 12:18:33
At present, the representatives who were coming for the 42nd International Cold Forging Group (ICFG) Conference held in Shanghai, 52 experts and professors from Germany, U.S., Japan and Russia, etc., has come around to visit Jiangsu Sengwei Group and appraised the cold precision forging technology of the group. ICFG is the important international academia organization in the precision forging field, which gathers 90 famous experts and scholars from more than 20 countries and regions; it is the important platform for exchange and communication in this field and also the main platform for the Stainless Steel Bearings industrial generic technology research in the precision forging field. The group plays an very important role in boosting the development of the global cold forging industry. Since it was established in 1967, ICFG has been holding the annual conference. The 42nd conference is the first time for the group to hold the conference in China. There were only two enterprises in Jiangsu Province which had the opportunity to become the windows that can display the cold forging technology to the world, and Sengwei Group was one of them. As the professional manufacturing enterprise of the precision forgings and components for automobiles and engineering machinery, Sengwei Group has become the provider of FAW-VW Automobile Co., Ltd and Shanghai VW Automobile Co., Ltd. On the technological aspect, Sengwei Group has established complete new product development and production system and formed the key technology of precision figuration which combined the process development, mould manufacturing and forging manufacturing. The company has fetched in the equipments for mould process and forgings manufacturing successively, which are provided with the capacity of 25,000 tons of various forgings each year. Its production scope, equipments, and process of cold die precision forging all ranked at the advanced level in the industry. The precision forgings such as constant speed universal joint, gear box output & input shaft for automobiles, automobile reverse gear, etc. developed by the company has been awarded as the High Quality Forgings. During the visit, the cold forging technology of Sengwei Group has attracted the attention of the visitors and they have highly appraised the advanced technology of the company. Through the exchange this time, the company also learned the edge-cutting cold precision forging technology and industrial development, which will play important role in the future development of Water Pump Bearings technology of the company.