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Clevites Online Bearing Education Updated

Release time : 2015-06-15 12:24:19
Mahle GmbH (Germany) Clevite Bearings division has released a completely revised series of online web-based education and training courses through its Clevite eLearning Center. The courses cover Clevite engine bearings and Perfect Circle piston rings. Originally developed and release in 2005 under Dana's ownership, this is the first major update since Mahle acquired the organizations. Mahle said the updated curriculum, "is composed of courses pertaining to each product line and is designed to help increase the knowledge base among technicians, enthusiasts and buyers." All of the online courses are divided into chapters and lessons; each self-paced section is approximately 15-20 minutes long. All make heavy use of graphics, diagrams, detailed text and other learning aids. Successfully completing the courses garners a graduation certificate. After registering on the website, users are assigned a password and presented with a selection of courses.