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China Wind Power Converter Industry Analysed In New Market Research Report

Release time : 2015-06-15 12:46:51
The report Deep Research Report on China Wind Power Converter Industryavailable at http://www.reportbuyer.com/go/QYR00022 http://www.reportbuyer.com/go/QYR00022 focuses on China's domestic market and makes comprehensive and objective reflections of the status of China's current wind power converter industry. Wind power converters are the core components of large-scale wind turbines. The domestic converter market has been monopolised by a few foreign giants such as ABB, however, the government has introduced many policies and initiatives to support the development of a national brand in recent years, providing strong political and economic support for a state-owned industrial automation business. The 200 page report states that since 2009, the price of China's wind turbines, blades, bearings and other key parts decreased substantially, which is a big challenge for new entrants and existing wind power equipment companies. From the latest statistical data, at of the end of June 2009, the national on-grid wind power installed capacity was 11.81 million kilowatts, an increase of 101% from last year, reflecting that the overall wind power market continues to maintain a rapid growth trend. On July 24 2009, the China Development and Reform Commission published a notice on wind power pricing policies. It stipulates that the whole country will be divided into four categories of wind power resource areas depending on the availability of wind power resources and engineering construction conditions, when these four categories are decided the corresponding wind power electricity price benchmark will be fixed. The report ?Deep Research Report on China Wind Power Converter Industry is available from Report Buyer at: http://www.reportbuyer.com/energy_utilities/alternative http://www.reportbuyer.com/energy_utilities/alternative _ ... Report Buyer product ID: QYR00022 About Report Buyer Report Buyer ( http://www.reportbuyer.com/energy_utilities/alternative http://www.reportbuyer.com/energy_utilities/alternative _) is the independent online store for global business information. The website now lists more than 100,000 company overviews, market research reports, industry studies and business books from over 290 specialist publishers. Thousands of professionals from across the world make ReportBuyer.com their first choice in their search for quality business insight.