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China Wind About China Wind Systems Inc

Release time : 2015-06-15 12:47:43
Disruptive technology always has corollary revenue and new alternative power grids will not be different. Air travel, rail travel and the automobile all spawned booming businesses around their growth. Fuel alternatives are the same as we transition from fossil fuel and manufacturers position themselves to be first to market. China Wind Systems (OTCBB.CWSI) manufactures the core components for wind power. China Wind Systems is strategically positioned to answer the world's call for more wind power. Through their affiliates C the Huayang Companies C the company is effectively transferring a wealth of precision manufacturing expertise gained over the years into the wind energy component operations. Their precision forging technology and upgraded capacity will enable the company to deliver high quality and quantity large forged rolled rings, gearboxes, yaw bearings and shafts for use in large-scale windmills. The mix of advanced technology and an established satisfied customer network sets the company apart from the competition. Already a key industry player, China Wind System is well-positioned to become a leading wind components supplier in the years to come. China Wind Systems enjoys a track record of operating a profitable business in precision manufacturing for more than a decade. Additionally, the company has an established and growing national network of satisfied customers, and strong ties within the wind industry, including wind turbine manufacturers. Located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province C the central point of the Eastern Corridor Wind Resource C China Wind Systems is close to and conveniently accessible by all major modes of transportation. Transportation is a significant expense factor for the customers; their geographic advantage affords cost savings in this area. The company completed another major milestone in October 2008 C the installation and testing of the new equipment and processes as part of their Phase I Expansion. This marked the start of supplying forged rolled rings and shafts for larger wind turbine units.