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China Produces Bearings Lily Devotes To Miniature Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:54:25
Bearing,a strange and familiar word to me, and appears frequently in my life after I became a member of LilyBearing. I knew little about bearing, and could only associate it with wheels before I stepped into bearing industry. I found that the bearing is so magical since my manager took me to visit the factory. There are also big bearings and small bearings. Some bearing is smaller than thumb-nail. There are applied in appliance,electric motor,many machines and even the small watches. A bearing needs to go through many cumbersome processing such as:sawing,heat cutting,heat treatment and grinding. Looking at the bearings out, I feel that every bearing is so precious. They each has its own name, and likes a beat of life when turning up. Each bearing has its own name,type,material and texture which are like their DNA. They have their own shapes, some wearing hat,some wearing jewelries; they also have their own clothes, need water proof,moisture proof,dust proof and need to anti shock. They even need beauty care. Only the lubricating oil and lubricating grease can prolong their service life. Bearing needs the comprehensive support of many disciplines such as: mathematics, physics, and also the support of many powerful technologies. China produces bearings, and Lily devotes to Miniature Bearings. I am proud of Lily , proud of China. Bearing, drives the rotation of cars, leads to the development of Lily and promotes the economy of China. Lily bearing, a family full of vitality and passion, I am proud as one of them.