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Character And Application Of Different Ceramic Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 08:36:55    
As we all know, the advantage of the ceramic bearing is corrosion resistant, high temperature resistance and wear resistance ,so at present the application of ceramic bearing is more and more popular.It mainly has three kinds: zirconia, silicon nitride and silicon carbide.Introduced respectively: High temperature resistance : zirconia within 400 degrees; silicon nitride within 800 degrees; silicon carbide within 1200 degrees. In the case of retainer, PTFE material within 200 degrees, PEEK material within 270 degrees. Corrosion resistan: Three types of ceramic material are resistant to acid and alkali,but single zirconium oxide and silicon nitride is not resistant to strong acid and strong alkali. So in the strong acid and alkali environment silicon carbide is a good choice . zirconia is not suitable for acid and alkali solution even in aqueous solution, mainly because of material nature, zirconium oxide may appear phase change in the solution for a long time, affect the bearing life. Wear resistance: silicon carbide has about 90 hardness more than the other two kinds of ceramic material but is very fragile, so under external force it is easily damaged. Then we must ask that the ceramic bearing compressive resistance ? If we should add oil to use or not? Under normal circumstances, ceramic bearing compressive is about 40% strength of the ordinary bearing steel, 67, 68 and 69 series for only about 20%, the greater the size the closer it gets to the compressive strength of bearing steel. Ceramic bearing is best not to add oil, because the grease will produce a layer of oil in the process of use or after use, can react with ceramic material, lead to bearing some peeling or other situation, even if to add, add some clean oil, when installation dial in water or rubber gasket. personal opinion only for reference, thank you!