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Changjiang Bearing Held Providers Annual Conference 2009 2010

Release time : 2015-06-15 13:21:43
Recently, Changjiang Bearing Company held the Providers Annual Conference (2009-2010) in Songcheng, Zhejiang province. More than 120 representatives from 100 providers all over the country have participated in the conference. Tan Hong, the General Manager of the company, Pan Guixiong, the Vice-general Manager, Yang Chaoyu, the General Accountant, Yang Simin, the General Quality Engineer, Ye Mingzhong, the Director of Manager Office, Xia Jijun, the leader of HR Department and Wang Hongchao from the Quality Guarantee Department were present at the conference. Zhang Jianqiang, the manger of the Purchasing Company has presided the conference. First, Tan Hong addressed the meeting in a glow of enthusiasm and expressed his gratitude to the support of the providers and the cooperation of the friends from CTB supporting chain Pan Guixiong has reported on the topic of Overcome the risk imperturbably & Guarantee the increasing athwart. On the conference, Yang Simin and Yang Chaoyu has addressed and communicated separately on quality management and the management concept of everyone is manager? Wang Hongchao has reported on Innovate System & Pattern, Build up dam of Quality. 2009 Excellent Manufacturing Bases & Excellent Providers were awarded on the conference. He Xiaozhong, the Director of the Board of Zhejiang Sanxiong Company has addressed on behalf of the excellent manufacturing bases and providers. The participants also viewed the famous opera Eternal Passion in Songcheng. The topic of this conference is ?Cooperate in High Efficiency, Exceed Hand in HandHope the providers can innovate, cooperate and exceed together.