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Changcheng Film Bearing Oil Gains Trust In Steel Iron Industry

Release time : 2015-06-15 13:23:02
In the recent years, the strength of Changcheng film bearing oil has been gradually recognized by the steel & iron enterprises, and the uses of steel & iron enterprises has increasingly grown. The 4411?N460?N220 and N100 film bearing oil of Changcheng brand has successively been used for the equipments lubrication in the finishing mill units and continuous casting mill units of nearly 20 steel enterprises such as Chongqing Iron | Steel Co., Ltd, China International Steel & Iron Products Co., Ltd and Nanchang Steel Plant, etc. instead of the imported brand oil. In 2008, Changcheng film bearing oil was sold abroad and used for the lubrication in Brazil CSN Steel Plant; in May, 2009, the oil entered the high-end market and wins the tender of the Super-Speed Line Material Rolling Project of Sichuan Dazhou Iron Steel Group Co., Ltd; recently, Changcheng film bearing oil has been used in the oil products changing project of super-speed line material lubrication system of Hunan Xiangtan-Hualing Iron-steel Co., and it becomes the designated oil of rolling mill of Fujian Sangang Steel Group Co., Ltd The film bearing oil used on the rolling mills of steel enterprises is the oil product that requires high technology and it is required to have the features of gear oil and hydraulic oil. It has high requirements to the resistance to emulsion, load-carrying capacity and oxidation resistance. Since a long period, the imported lubricant oil brand has overflowed the market. When the Sino Petrochemical Lubricating Co., continuously deepen the cooperation with steel enterprises, they also actively stepped into the development and promotion of Changcheng film bearing oil, fully exerted the leading technological development platform and the complete quality guarantee system, and took high quality standard from the beginning of the development. Meanwhile, they sent technicians to visit domestic steel& iron enterprise and supply the custom lubricating solution to them. The excellent resistance to emulsion, the outstanding load-carry capacity and the super oxidation resistance of Changcheng products have met the strict requirements of the equipment lubricating while it was test.