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The Turbine Flowmeter with Ceramic Bearings Has Better Performance

Release time : 2018-03-15 03:17:49
COX instruments announced that its turbine flowmeter now USES ceramic ball bearings. These rugged ceramic bearings are superior to standard 440C stainless steel and common shaft bearings in wear resistance and are not susceptible to fluid particles. They are ideal for underwater and low-temperature applications. COX instruments says oil-free, self-lubricated ceramic bearings are better for underwater operations. In addition, ceramic bearings can shorten the linear flow range of the instrument. Low friction coefficient and ceramic bearing on the speed not inferior to other material bearing, and ceramic bearing show excellent wear-resistant properties also make it widely used in various fields. COX instruments are mostly in high temperature environment, so this point also proves that ceramic bearing has excellent high temperature resistance, which is a good bearing choice in high temperature environment. COX instrument is one of the manufacturers that provide linear and repeatable turbine flow meters on the market at present. COX instrument design is unique, for example with 2-3 ms response of spiral rotor and single bearing, low friction design allows the instrument to wider range of flow linear automatically generate an unprecedented flow measurement performance, etc. These advantages are supplemented by COX's advanced signal conditioning technology and the most advanced flow computer. The COX precision turbine flowmeter provides a wide range of linearity and is used in conjunction with the flow computer, which will extend the precision measurement within the repeatable range. COX instruments can be used for calibration of various fluid and viscosity mixtures, and can also be used to extend the general viscosity curve (UVC) of the temperature environment. They have corrosion resistance, stainless steel link components and optional end joints (for example, AN, NPT, flanges), including special components that meet the requirements of custom piping. It also provides a manifold system for extending the flow coverage. The COX turbine flowmeter can be paired with a set of auxiliary electronic signal adjusters and flow computer.