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Ceramic Bearingsare Good Partnerfor High-speed Machine

Release time : 2017-12-01 05:54:27
High-speed processing technology is a very important modern manufacturing technology, has been in the aviation, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, mold development, and other fields have been widely used. But with the development of high-speed machine tools, high-speed machine tool has become a major problem of its main problem. The overall accuracy of the machine is based on the accuracy of its various components on the basis of the upgrade, it can be said that the real impact of high-speed machine is precisely the accuracy of those parts of a component. Only these parts of the performance and performance accuracy improved, then the high-speed machine performance and accuracy in order to achieve a qualitative leap. The main component of the whole high-speed machine is the high-speed spindle, support the spindle of the spindle due to the rotation of the spindle and the ring by the role of external rotation, because the final so that the final deformation caused. Steel bearings with low fatigue resistance, so can not do this task, and ceramic bearings with low density, medium elastic modulus, thermal expansion coefficient is small, hardness is very high, there are corrosion-resistant and non-magnetic somewhat, more Suitable for high-speed machine tools. Ceramic bearings have excellent performance and characteristics, can significantly improve the bearing contact fatigue life, but also to maximize the expansion of the application of rolling bearings. At present, ceramic bearings have been slowly into the stage of mass production, especially in the machine tool high-speed precision bearings and high temperature corrosion-resistant areas such as the development. So that China vigorously develop the machine tool industry, improve the accuracy of machine tools, ceramic bearings in the inside played a decisive role.