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Ceramic Bearings 20160930

Release time : 2016-09-30 13:57:52

Many friends who like riding bicycle are talking about ceramic bearing, and now I’d like to share with you about the actual conditions and some knowledge of ceramic bearing.

Ceramic bearing have two types, one of them is full-ceramic bearing, and the other is ceramic hybrid bearing. It is easy to understand, ceramic bearing’s inner ring, outer ring and ball are all made of ceramic. But for ceramic hybrid bearing we usually see the ball is made of ceramic, but the inner ring and outer ring are made of stainless steel.

At earlier time, ceramic bearings use composite alumina ceramics as material, and the advantage of this ceramic is high hardness. In addition, it also uses composite silicon oxide as material, but its hardness is lower than aluminum oxide. The common features of these materials are relatively large brittle. At present, the main material of ceramic bearing is Incomplete re-crystallization zirconia with extremely high hardness, this material’s hardness is lower than silicon oxide hardness, but it still has a very high impact strength.

At present, the common ceramic bearing’s impact resistance is not a problem, and they all can meet the standard. The main problem now is that there is no proper materials to make cage, in general situation, ceramic bearing’s failure owing to the damage of cage. And there are many kinds of cage material, such as high density nylon and metal. But no matter what kinds of these material are, ceramic material is the best wearable material.

In addition, one of the problems about ceramic bearing is price, owing to manufacturing process restriction, its price is not like steel bearing, so that many industries and places can not use ceramic bearing, which leads to its low production, but also increased in disguise production cost and results in ceramic bearings high price.

Now, the main producer of ceramic bearing is Sweden and Japan. China also produces these with few types and not high enough accuracy. However, it is enough to be used in bicycle. Even in foreign country, ceramic bearing’s types are few and delivery time is very long. In addition, Chinese production of ceramic grinding ball are a lot, they are metric.

Choosing ceramic bearing is a good choice for bicycle. Ceramic bearing has lots of advantages, such as high temperature resistance, abrasion resistant, high speed, low expansion coefficient and low heat conductivity coefficient. If its price could be controlled, ceramic bearing can take place of steel bearing. Maybe it is not now, but in the future, ceramic bearing could instead of steel bearing. So we should control the price of ceramic bearing on development and application in bicycle.