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In Order to Meet the Increasing Market Demand,Boca Upgrade Full Ceramic Bearing Production Process

Release time : 2018-05-08 02:34:12
Boca bearing company in the past two years of continuous innovation and improvement of bearing technology, especially in the field of ceramic bearings all-ceramic bearings products is a fame. Ceramic bearings offer a wider and more specialized application than common shaft steel bearings and are the perfect bearing material choice for resistance to extreme temperatures and aggressive working environments. At the same time, ceramic bearings also have unique advantages in terms of weight and carbon footprint. Non-magnetic non-conductive and self-lubricating features also make it a lot less work in application maintenance. Boca Bearing offers several ceramic material options including Si3N4, ZrO2 and Al2O3. Ceramic silicon nitride balls exhibit a much greater hardness than steel balls, due to their ability to retain a longer surface finish, resulting in ball life at least 10 times longer than steel balls. Compared with the ball, the thermal performance is also significantly improved, generating less heat during high-speed operation. The thermal expansion of ceramics is reduced by 35%, the thermal conductivity is reduced by 50%, the weight is lighter, and the corrosion resistance is good. Rolling bearing inner and outer rings often become frosted, corrugated, these are not mechanical scratches, but because of electromagnetic force, and may lead to bearing failure. They are commonly found in modern systems with pulse-modulated variable speed motors and inverters with high switching frequency and short rise times. The solution is to replace the more traditional shaft bearings with ceramic bearings to eliminate scratches. All-ceramic bearings can operate at extreme temperatures and operate at temperatures from -100 ¡ã C to 900 ¡ã C. Boca bearing company stock a full range of ceramic ball, ceramic hybrid bearings and all ceramic bearings. With more than 8,000 different bearings and over 10 million bearing stock for all industrial, medical and specialty applications. Boca Bearing has been leading the industry to advanced pottery porcelain technology to the market, ceramic bearing technology is one of the most trusted companies.