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The Principle of Anti-scaling of Ceramic Ballin Electric Water Heater

Release time : 2017-06-09 05:57:40
In our daily life, we often encounter the problem of electric water heater fouling, so many years have come to think about how to solve and overcome this difficulty, many research institutes and enterprise companies are making unremitting efforts, so also made A certain effect, which with the function of the Promise composite material is the best effect. As the multi-functional ceramic ball with high efficiency antibacterial, radiation far infrared and the release of negative oxygen ions, so it can effectively prevent the water heater fouling problems. And modern science and technology has proved that, after multi-functional eco-ceramic ball treatment of the bath was a small state of nano-structure, with a small molecule of water to carry out bathing, can effectively eliminate fatigue, nutrition skin. But also to prevent skin diseases and other effects. Multi-functional ceramic ball material design goals, features and it can effectively prevent the residents living area, office water tank and pipe fouling and so on these outstanding performance. At water, there are a lot of free radicals, reactive oxygen species, etc., and the formation of scale calcium magnesium iron ions, organic matter and microorganisms and so on to react, the formation of relatively easy to dissolve in water substances; the same time, the formation of scale dynamic environment, Can not be so easy to form. And its role is still great, can be the original oxidation of iron surface passivation, and then the formation of protective film. A large number of strong oxidants in water can attack the cell membrane of bacteria, destroy the bacteria and even DNA, bacteria inactivation, so that the bacteria can be broken down the body to form a state of no pollution. The free radicals in the water increase a large number of free radicals in the body of algae, excessive free radicals in a sudden increase in the situation, the body can not be dealt with in time, will make the invasion of the various parts of the cell, resulting in the integrity of the system damage. Bacteria in the water, algae in the weak alkaline environment inactivation and decomposition of organic matter, so that the formation of dirt in the absence of microbial presence in the case, will not form a bacterial membrane attached to the surface of the container. In the static state, water loves, the system exists in this dynamic balance of reaction, to maintain the activation of water, was weak alkaline, in the flow of the state, due to thermal effects and pressure friction, more speed up the reaction of the way. Therefore, whether it is dynamic, static water activation, antibacterial small molecules of the state will exist.