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Ceramic Bearing 20161011

Release time : 2016-10-11 13:49:20

Ceramic bearing is a very important fundamental part for machines. Compared with stainless steel bearing, ceramic bearing has a better performance, better high-temperature resistant and high-strength, so ceramic is an excellent material.

Since recent ten years, ceramic bearings have widely used in various fields and industries.  Such as aerospace, Marine, petroleum, chemical industry, nuclear industry, textile industry, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, subway, high speed machine tools and so on, and ceramic bearing also used in national defense military technology area.  Ceramic bearing works under the condition of high temperature, high cold, cryogenic, inflammable, explosive, corrosive, vacuum, non-magnetic, dry friction and other special and high demand environment, so the ceramic bearings are known and applied by people step by step.

So, what are the specific advantages of ceramic bearing in practice application?

1, The advantages of zero corrosion. Even though ceramic bearing works in corrosion environment, it also works normally.

2, Ceramic bearing can work normally under different temperatures. Whether high temperature suddenly, or temperature plummeted, it has no effect on our ceramic bearing.

3, The advantage of not easy transformation. Because ceramic bearing’s elastic modulus is higher than steel bearing, ceramic bearing seldom change shape easily by suffered force.

4, The service time is long. The density of ceramic bearing ball is lower than steel, so its weight is light, and it also can reduce the friction of rotate to outer ring centrifugal, so ceramic bearing service time becomes longer.

Compared with stainless steel bearing, what advantages do ceramic bearing have ?

1, Full ceramic bearing’s fatigue life is 10 to 50 times longer than full steel bearing , and ceramic hybrid bearing’s fatigue life is 3 to 5times longer than full steel bearing ; so ceramic bearing’s using time is much longer than stainless steel bearing.

2,Ceramic bearings have low friction coefficient, so under the condition of thin or lack of lubricating oil, its lubricating ability is still better than steel bearing.

3,Ceramic bearing rigidity is better than stainless steel bearings. because ceramic material has high elastic modulus, and its rigidity is 15% to 20% larger than steel bearing.

4. Compared with stainless steel bearing, ceramic bearings are more resistant to corrosion. Because ceramic bearing’s material is different, which leads to the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of ceramic bearing more excellent than the metal bearing.