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Cash Registers Bearing Selectionand Precautions

Release time : 2017-06-07 02:42:31
With the continuous prosperity of the financial industry, cash register has been applied to various types of institutions and people all aspects of life.Money counter bearing is an important part of the cash register, you can say that the quality of the cash register bearing is a direct impact on the use of the entire counter and user experience. Cash register bearing mainly with a small flange deep groove ball bearings, deep groove ball bearing flange play a major role in positioning, so that the use of bearings will be smooth without swing. In the selection of flange bearings need to pay attention to the flange width and flange diameter, the two dimensions are very critical in the selection. At present, our production of high-quality cash register bearings are: MF128ZZ, MF106ZZ, F625ZZ, F687ZZ, F688ZZ, etc., this type of bearing with high precision high speed, smooth no sound, take up small space characteristics. They are widely used in all kinds of cash register. Based on previous production and sales experience, customers need to paper bearing meet the following requirements: 1. After the operation of the bearing, heat can not be too fast, the noise is small, need to keep from 30 dB to 40 dB; 2.Cash register bearing life should be long, they can not be replacement and maintenance frequently; 3.Bearing radial clearance and axial clearance need to control precision, the bearing can not move; 4.The accuracy tolerance of the bearing need to be strictly controlled, bearing and bearing can not slip. According to the customer's demand on the cash register bearing, we strictly control the production of each bearing production process to produce high-precision low noise, long life and high speed small flange bearing, praised by customers, also have a large market share in the whole cash register bearing.