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Bearings Selling In Big Data Age

Release time : 2015-06-10 09:29:49
The word ''Big Data''was mentioned more and more these years, which was described and defined the massive amounts of information produced in Information Explosion Age. Then what is ''Big Data''? ''Big Data''means this phenomenon single in the internet industry: the users' internet behavior data generated and added up by internet companies in the regular operation. Data information is very important for the sale of bearings industry many time. For example , according to the internet , our sales could realize customers' needs every time, from the massive amounts of information ;we could make clear the market's movements ; we could see a certain product sells best in a certain area ;we could see the customers are seeking what ,needing what ;we also could see the movements of our competitors; etc. As the data is huge ,we need to recognize ,judge and choose them .wiping of the useless information and ''smoke bomb'' ,we can find out our accurate data and make a right judgment. But the duration of judgment should not be too long ,as long as the duration extends , the result's coming out is in vain. This requires our sales an acute vision and insight, the advanced internet technology is certainly an indispensable tool. Our bearing sales meet data every day, we should quickly and timely, accurately and effectively make clear and decide on all kinds of information .We can get ready for the goods of a certain model bearing which sells good in advance in case of out of stock, in line with the sale by the end of the year and the customers' need ; we also can get the competitors' information from news outside ; we could know the cost movements of material market. Bearings'selling now is not the competition of quality and price only ,the match of information is so serious. It require not only our marketing skill , but also the ability of collecting ,treating information .