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The Analysis of Factors That Affect Bearing Using Life

Release time : 2017-06-02 09:45:51
The length of using life of bearings be subjected by many factors, such as shaft and seat with the work, temperature, working environment, cleanliness, force and lubrication conditions and so on. Strong force can be in accordance with these factors affect the bearing different nature, will be divided into bearing their own factors and bearing use factors. Bearing its own factors is the bearing material and manufacturing, and the use of micro-bearing is the use of bearing installation and maintenance and so on. First of all, we have to analyze the bearing's own factors on the impact of life. Under normal circumstances, the length of the bearing life is subjected by the material and the two factors of their own factors. the material of bearing is determined by the bearing using life, once the metallurgical quality of the bearing is the leading cause of early failure of rolling bearings the main reason. Bearing material on the life of the impact of significant progress in metallurgical technology, bearing steel and other materials have emerged, has been greatly improved. In the bearing failure analysis, the proportion of bearing failure caused by raw materials has been significantly reduced, but the material is still an important reason for bearing failure, bearing life is the main constraint. Bearing manufacturing process is complex, to go through a number of processes to get finished products, including forging, heat treatment, turning and grinding technology and technical ability to complete the quality, will affect the bearing life and application effects, especially heat treatment and grinding Process, it is a lot of bearing the direct cause of failure, the need to get a high degree of attention of production enterprises. In addition to the bearing itself mentioned above the material and the impact of the manufacturing process, bearing life is also affected by many external factors. First of all, the installation of the bearing to be reasonable, improper installation is leading to failure of the bearing failure of the primary factors, the bearing force is unreasonable, the operation is not normal, will lead to rapid damage to the bearing, seriously shortening the bearing life. Of course, the use and maintenance of bearings is also a very important factor. In the use of bearing to maintain the operating state, monitor the bearing load, speed, operating temperature and lubrication, regular maintenance and maintenance of the bearing, found that abnormal state after the maintenance of its bearing, are extended bearing life of the effective way.