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The Latest Bearing Technology, Greatly Reducing the Shipfor the Ocean of Those Major Pollution

Release time : 2017-12-20 02:57:24
In the Netherlands, the World Ocean Council's fourth sustainable marine summit was held as scheduled, and representatives of the parties also made their own speeches at the summit. Thordon Bearing Company's marketing and customer representative director at the summit expressed their views, he said that the world's 45,000 ocean-going ship sailing at sea, the annual bearing oil leakage to the sea there are numerous, resulting in the ocean Great pollution. The summit also said that the maritime ship is also facing environmental challenges, he said, the ship must be to solve this problem, so much of the oil into the sea must be resolved by means to ensure the sustainability of the ocean environment. Maritime sailing ships Since the 1990s, the installation of seawater lubrication bearing systems has prevented more than 62 million kilograms of oil from getting into our oceans, and the seawater-lubricated drive bearing system is the only sure to comply with all pollution Regulations and systems that do not have an impact on the environment. Carter produced the sea water lubrication system, and explained that this technology has been developed to the point where there is no pollution can be navigable ship forward, and should be in the field of navigation to be more widely implemented and applied. He said: polymer materials and bearings of the advanced design, is to be able to guarantee longevity performance, and the cost of running is very low. As the new technology can be a comprehensive monitoring of seawater, so now the main sailing vessels have been modified their inspection system. This technique now offers almost the same technology as oil lubrication, but the advantage is that it has no pollution and some other risks. Now a lot of ships can choose a cost and other aspects of the feasibility of a very strong way.